Carbonstone Sends Powerful Message With New Song “Damaged Like You” (Review)

Having honed the balance of industrial elements with their alternative metal sound, Carbonstone comes out swinging in their latest track, “Damaged Like You,” which will be officially released on April 22nd. I was given an early listen, and I have to say that while this song contains much that you would expect from Carbonstone, there is something more at work here.

“The concept is based around mental health (self-doubt, loneliness, depression, etc.) and how inescapable it is,” frontman Corey James says of the song. “I feel like we’re all always on the verge of falling apart, in a sense. A lot of people are broken and lost out there. A ton of them are so empty inside, they can barely even feel anything. That’s really where I drew the inspiration from. The song’s not so much about myself as it is really about people as a whole.”

The band captures this concept with an artful mix of music and lyrics. Featuring their well-crafted blend of the heavy and melodic, Carbonstone uses synths, a hard-hitting rhythm section, and driving riffs, all topped by James’ extraordinary vocals, to build an atmosphere. Playing with a metaphorical give-and-take, the tension seems to build during the verses — complete with an abrupt bridge-like moment near the end of the second — only to break into chaos at the chorus, an echo of the story addressed in the lyrics. 

"Discomfort on your skin
It makes me wonder
How I can never win
You pull me under
I can see it in your eyes
There’s something cold about you
I think we're running out of time
And I know it haunts you

You'll never be without it
It's always there when you're alone
Can't even breathe without it
Cut me open, I'm damaged just like you..."

While the subject matter seems dark at first glance, I feel that the message here is a positive one. “Damaged Like You” is a beacon, a signal to everyone who is struggling that they are not alone. As James growls “I’m broken, too,” there is a sense of acceptance, though the damage may still feel overwhelming at times, a fact that seems to be expressed in James’ raging screams that close out the song.  

Overall, “Damaged Like You” is a well-written, wonderfully put-together, relatable track that many people are going to connect to, and isn’t that the most beautiful thing about music? Carbonstone has, once again, nailed it.

You can find Carbonstone on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and any other streaming service you might use.


  1. When Corey explained the concept for the song, we the fans family know it comes straight from his heart. He is a truly remarkable human being. That’s why we all love him and the music he produces.

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