Weekly Focus: Lord of the Lost, Day Three

Lord of the Lost — “From Venus to Mars,” from the album Die Tomorrow (2012).

Weekly Focus: Lord of the Lost, Day Two

Lord of the Lost — “Sex on Legs,” from the album Antagony (2011).

Album of the Week: Lord of the Lost’s Empyrean

I was browsing YouTube, just selecting various videos related to whatever I was watching at the time, and I came across the song “Raining Stars.” I fell head over heels. I’ve been listening to Lord of the Lost ever since. I chose Empyrean as my album of the week because it contains the aforementioned track.


Weekly Focus: Lord of the Lost, Day One

Lord of the Lost — “Dry the Rain,” from the album Fears (2010).

What I’m Listening To: Clone the Dead

This was actually sent to me in a comment on another post. Clone the Dead is a new rap metal band, similar to Hollywood Undead. “Half a Life” is currently the only track they have published on YouTube.

I liked this song and would definitely be interested in hearing more. Give it a play and see what you think!

Playlist Challenge, Day 209

Ghost — “From the Pinnacle to the Pit”