Interview: Vinny Verzino of Blue Light Effect

Blue Light Effect is a band from Long Island that incorporates many elements of the rock genre in their music. Formed during the struggles of COVID-19 by people on the front line, Blue Light Effect is highly aware of the outlet offered by music and seeks to grant this solace to their listeners.

Check out this interview I recently did with front man Vinny Verzino, in which we discuss the band’s beginnings, the debut album, and what’s in store for Blue Light Effect in 2023.


How did Blue Light Effect get its start, and where did the band’s name come from? 

VV: Our name incorporates a few things, such as the deleterious effects on one’s health from blue light exposure. Also, Blue Light Effect comes from connecting that health motif to first responders, their trials and tribulations, and our support of them. The name also reflects our commitment to mental health awareness and preservation, as blue lights, particularly in train tracks, have to do with suicide prevention.

Blue Light Effect was forged in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Realizing the therapeutic impact and mental reprieve music had on us, we began writing songs and recording our debut album. The band consists of first responders, frontline workers, and a registered nurse, so this much needed hobby became an outlet and vehicle for venting during such terrifying and unpredictable times.

What do you feel is the band’s goal?

VV: We hope to inspire people with our music to conquer all frontlines that they may battle on and never give up fighting the good fight. 

In your own words, how would you classify Blue Light Effect? I mean, “rock” and “alternative” as far as overall, but I didn’t think y’all really fit into an easily definable box.

VV: We don’t really put a label on our music. It’s hard for us to really allocate the music to a genre because some of the songs are pop, then rock, then heavy or hard rock. When writing the album, we kind of just let it flow and didn’t really stick to any genre parameters. 

Who are the band’s biggest influences? 

VV: The list among us 4 is pretty long, but here goes… Linkin Park, Incubus, Disturbed, Iron Maiden, Misfits, King Diamond, Creed, U2, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Judas Priest, The Offspring, Sevendust, KISS, Alter Bridge, and of course, some 80s hair metal!

That’s a good list! I’m a huge fan of Alter Bridge myself. And the variety certainly explains the lack of genre parameters. So what is the songwriting process for the band?

VV: Usually, the foundation of the music is written, then the lyrics and vocal melodies are experimented with to see what fits the song the best. And finally, the production comes in once the music, musical changes, and finalized vocals are solidified.

You’ve mentioned the debut album a couple of times. Tell me a little about it.

VV: It’s called Songs From the Frontline and incorporates songs that reflect different battle fronts. Those fronts range from imminent mental health crises, loss of loved ones, depression, addiction, and other internal struggles. However, the album also evokes a positive and motivational tone towards conquering such frontlines – addiction, mental health issues, etc. – and rebuilding oneself after an internal cataclysm. That’s what is depicted in the song “Wreckage.”

What are the band’s plans for 2023?

VV: Our plans for 2023 are to play as many shows as possible, finish some more music videos, perform and video another acoustic performance, and network with music lovers to try to get our music out there as much as possible and promote the new album. 

In the name of promoting the album, where can my readers find Songs From the Frontline?

VV: They can find us on every digital music platform. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. 


It has always been a belief of mine that music heals, and Blue Light Effect is working hard to let the world know “you are not alone, and you can get through this” – a message I think we all need. Follow Blue Light Effect on their journey to spread a sense of connection and positivity, and if you happen to be in the vicinity of Lindenhurst, New York, the band has a show at The Village Pub on March 25th.

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