Clint Lowery Posts Upcoming EP Cover Art

Clint Lowery has said he will be releasing a new EP this year! Two days ago, via Facebook, he shared a video in which he was working on a track for the record. He then proceeded to change his cover photo to the cover art for the EP.

The title is Ghostwriter and Clint has given us a little about his plans for the writing of the album, the themes and the overall feel.

Per Clint’s Facebook: “It will be a very melodic/chill 5 songs similar to the HDMS early stuff. I’ve always leaned on sad and minor-based music to actually lift my spirits as crazy as that sounds. I want to really dig deep on the lyrics and express myself more instead of the basic vague lyrics I’ve been guilty of lately. Time to get more vulnerable and open. Those are the lyrics I relate to with artist I love.”

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