New Music Alert! Alive In Stone: “Fatboy” (Review)

Alive In Stone has kicked off 2023 with another banger. “Fatboy” grabs the attention of the listener from the get-go. With a beat that will have you bobbing your head, a groove-laden guitar riff, a bass line that fleshes out the sound, and a catchy chorus, this track had me rocking out in my car (and yes, I was drumming on my steering wheel).

The vocals have a nice grit in the verses that wouldn’t be out of place in a grunge song, but are wonderfully clear and clean at the chorus. Then there’s a wicked growl/scream at around the 2:26 mark, echoing the frustration and anger building throughout the track and showing off the singer’s versatility all at once.

The whole thing is rounded out with a short and sweet guitar solo, the chorus, and one final taunt: “Hey, Fatboy, swallow the cake like you swallow your life.”

“Fatboy” is a must-add to your playlist. I know I put it on mine! Check it out here and on your favorite streaming service.

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