Song Review: “4th of July” by Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band

New England’s country/rock outfit Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band have shared their latest single, “4th of July.” The track is taken from the upcoming album Lower County Outlaw, which is set to be released February 2, 2023.

“4th of July” tells the story of the first time Kristian and his wife, April, hooked up, and every aspect of the music and lyrics carries the listener through the anticipation and rightness of the moment.

Kristian has expertly crafted a composition that reflects the build-up to what is going to happen. The music starts rather slow and steady, creating tension as it climbs to its highest point. The lyrics echo the comfort and chemistry between the two, the feeling that it was meant to be, that Kristian and April had only to come to this place they both belong.

The track peaks at a guitar solo and a final chorus sung with the urgency that was felt in the pickup truck on that fateful winter’s night.

“It might be cold in the air tonight, but baby, we’re on fire…”

If “4th of July” is a sign of things to come, Lower County Outlaw is going to consist of 12 songs that play with the boundaries of rock and country, blurring into a genre that anyone can enjoy while masterfully recounting relatable stories with both words and music.

Check out “4th of July” here.

You can listen to the other single from Lower County Outlaw – “Gypsy Girl” – and preorder the album at Kristian’s Bandcamp page.

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