Brian Haner, aka Papa Gates, Drops First Song, “Walking With the Moon,” From His Upcoming Blues Album

I think we can all agree that Brian Haner is a man of many talents. He has been a touring and session musician for years, starting right out of high school with Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. But I am sure what most of us younger people know him for is being the father of Avenged Sevenfold lead guitarist Synyster Gates, and his comedic genius, both solo and alongside Jeff Dunham.

Earlier this month, Brian – affectionately known as “Papa Gates” or “Guitar Guy” – began doing live streams for the online music class that he and his son started. He also announced that he has a blues record coming out in December, and with the first stream came the first song from that album, “Walking With the Moon.”

The song is absolutely bad ass! It has a very classic rock feel, which makes sense given Brian’s history. Personally, it made me want to dance. I’m already thinking how much fun it would be to see live, but perhaps I’m jumping the gun. Lol. Check it out for yourself!


  • Brian Haner – vocals, guitar
  • Chad Wackerman – drums
  • Bob Wackerman – bass
  • Jim Cox – B3
  • Nick Fainbarg – engineer & mix
  • Brian, Jr. – producer

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