Update: Goodreads Reading Challenge 2023 (5/15/23)

I’ve been reading a lot since my last update! I found a few quick reads, and I made it through Carole Johnstone’s Mirrorland. So, here’s the full list of what I’ve read over the past month, my rating of each book, and what I’m diving into next!

Carole Johnstone: Mirrorland

Rating: 4/5

I actually loved this novel. It was a bit of a slow build, and confusing at times (though that is intentional – you are immersed in the main character’s mind, and she is coping with some major trauma), but in the end, everything makes sense. I only knocked the rating down because I think the last twist was one too many; the story was pushed beyond what I considered its natural conclusion. However, I would highly recommend Mirrorland, and I will be seeking out more from Carole Johnstone.

Sarah A. Denzil: Silent Child

Rating: 4/5

This was a very readable book. I had more or less figured it out before the reveal, but Denzil definitely threw in a few curves that made me doubt myself. I couldn’t quite give this a 5/5 rating, though I can’t exactly explain why. There was just something missing. Please don’t let that discourage you from checking it out! I am going to read the second in the series.

Christopher Golden: All Hallows

Rating: 3.5/5

I stumbled across this one via a Google search, and I’m glad I did. I didn’t find it to be creepy in the least, but it was interesting. My complaints with this book likely would not be shared by many, so I’ll keep them to myself.

Ivy Tholen: Tastes Like Candy

Rating: 5/5

Okay, this is like a 90’s slasher in book form. Kinda cheesy, very bloody, and so much fun! A must-read for anybody who likes slasher films.

Ivy Tholen: Maul Rats

Rating: 4/5

I enjoyed Tastes Like Candy so much, I had to try another from Ivy Tholen. I wasn’t as sold on this one, but I did finish it in about two days. There were tiny details that added nothing to the story that should have been left out, especially since this book was promoted as more bloody, stabby, campy fun, hence my not giving it a full rating.

PJ Stanley: Most Likely to Die

Rating: 1/5

I don’t even want to review this book. It was awful. It wasn’t well-written, there was no character development, and the motive of the killer fell flat. I understand how slashers work, I really do, but wow. I do not recommend.

Kathryn Ann Kingsley: The Contortionist

Rating: 3/5

Despite the rating, I am not actually that critical of this book. I enjoyed the writing style, and I am definitely interested in the world Kingsley is creating. I didn’t love The Contortionist, but it is only the first in the Harrow Faire series. I have hope that the story and characters will develop more, and that I will like the following books better.


Next up on my to-be-read pile are Room Service by Maren Stoffels and The Puppeteer by Kathryn Ann Kingsley (Harrow Faire Book #2). I’ve read 20 of 35 books. I may need to change my goal. Haha!

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