My Top 30 Songs of 2022

There were some bangers released this year! This list doesn’t even begin to encompass all the great songs released over the past twelve months, I’m sure, but these were 30 of the tracks, in no particular order, that stood out to me and were in heavy rotation on my playlists.

Alter Bridge: “Sin After Sin”

Kissing Candice: “South Circle”

Kissing Candice: “see/\saw”

Mac Saturn: “Diamonds”

Call of Sirens: “Kenopsia”

The Funeral Portrait: “Voodoo Doll”

Dark Divine: “Circles”

Lovely Machine: “Picture Frame”

The Veer Union: “Just Pretend (Acoustic)”

Awesome Ray Ray: “Last Desperado”

Silent Theory: “So Far, So Good”



Dark Summer: “In My Heart”

Devils Envy: “Lone Wolf”

Amerakin Overdose: “Agastopia”

A Killer’s Confession: “The Boys”

Modern Mimes: “Down and Dead”

Saliva: “Crows”

Stone Horses: “When I Get Paid”

Shallow Side: “The Worst Kind”

Psyclon Nine: “Money and Sex and Death”

Stone Harvest: “All The Lies”

Death Valley High: “Pretty Graves”

Nickelback: “High Time”

Self Deception: “Psycho”

Stain the Canvas: “Puppet”

Adelitas Way/New Medicine: “Up”

Bad Omens: “Like a Villain”

Shinedown: “The Saints of Violence and Innuendo”

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