It’s Already November?! Well, Here’s How October Went…

Where has the time gone? 2023 is a little under two months away… That’s crazy.

The last few weeks I’ve been slacking. My posts have mainly been song of the day posts, or new music alerts. I haven’t had the energy to do much else. Between working and being sick – sick, on my favorite holiday! the outrage! – it’s all I can do to post every day. However, I think that will change soon. I’m feeling better, a ton of tour announcements have hit social media, and I have a few movies, shows, and books to write about. Keep your eyes open for some variation in my content!

Now I’m going to finish “The Watcher” on Netflix. But let me leave y’all with a few pictures from Halloween, the Brother Cane concert, and the Gunshine/Seven Year Witch/Magnolia Bayou show! My October in a nutshell.

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